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Angel Mo And her son , Roland Hayes By MacKinley Helm

Angel Mo And her son , Roland Hayes By MacKinley Helm

Hayes was born in Curryville, Georgia, near Calhoun, on June 3, 1887, to Fanny and William Hayes, who were former slaves. When Hayes was eleven his father died, and his mother moved the family to Chattanooga, Tennessee. William Hayes claimed to have some Cherokee ancestry, while his maternal great-grandfather, Aba Ougi (also known as Charles) was a chieftain from Côte d'Ivoire. Aba Ougi was captured and shipped to America in 1790.[1] Hayes was a singer trained with Arthur Calhoun in Chattanooga as well as at Fisk University in Nashville. As a student he began publicly performing, touring with the Fisk Jubilee Singers in 1911. He furthered his studies in Boston with Arthur Hubbard. During his period studying with Hubbard he was a messenger at the Hancock Life Insurance Company to support himself. Then in London he studied with George Henschel and Amanda Ira Aldridge.

Hayes nació en Curryville, Georgia, cerca de Calhoun, el 3 de junio de 1887, a Fanny y William Hayes, que eran antiguos esclavos. Cuando Hayes tenía once años su padre murió y su madre se mudó a la familia a Chattanooga, Tennessee. William Hayes afirmó tener cierta ascendencia Cherokee, mientras que su bisabuelo materno, Aba Ougi (también conocido como Charles) fue un jefe de Côte d'Ivoire. Aba Ougi fue capturado y enviado a Estados Unidos en 1790. [1] Hayes era un cantante entrenado con Arthur Calhoun en Chattanooga, así como en Fisk University en Nashville. Como estudiante comenzó a realizar públicamente, de gira con los Fisk Jubilee Singers en 1911. Amplió sus estudios en Boston con Arthur Hubbard. Durante su período de estudio con Hubbard era un mensajero al Hancock Life Insurance Company para mantenerse. Luego, en Londres, estudió con George Henschel y Amanda Ira Aldridge.

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